Vibrational UPgrade ™ Energy System

What is Vibrational UPgrade ™ System

The Vibrational UPgrade ™ System founded by Dr. Alison J. Kay after 20+ years in the field of energy medicine, is a complete system that couples energy medicine with a mode of mindfulness coaching geared towards actual, gradual behavioral change that does not promise a quick fix but does allow room for those sudden quantum leaps and shifts.

As a Vibrational UPgrade ™ System practitioner, I help to restore the body, mind, and spirit balance by the flow of universal life force energy to the tissues and chakras or energy centers of the body. The targeted Vibrational UPgrade ™ System energy flows into the relevant chakras, body tissues and cellular memory and “clears” energy where entangled subconscious and unconscious beliefs and traumas can then be unlocked so your system’s life force can adjust back to it’s natural healthy flow and become activated to the increasing flow towards the target of a new desired behavior. Activations are created so that healing is brought into the conscious mind where permanent behavior changes through the retraining of the mind can take place. This allows the ability to move into living the life you desire, living from the heart and living in the freedom of possibility focus rather than problem focus. One of the first results that people notice is an increase in vitality. Then it’s an increase in well being and that is just the start.

Other benefits:
• Balances Energy
• Increases Creativity
• Helps Release Emotions
• Releases Stress
• Amplifies Energy
• Increases Awareness
• Promotes Health and Well-being
• Assists with Pain Management
• Improves Sleep
• Enhances the immune system

As a physical therapist, I am also able to combine an energy medicine session with manual therapy techniques which can accelerate the resolution of chronic aches and pains or ailments by the clearing out of the blockages in the chakras or energy centers that occur from unconscious or subconscious thoughts and beliefs repeated over time which then manifest in the physical. Everything that becomes physical first starts in energy. So repeated thought patterns especially at an unconscious or subconscious level can then cause locked up energy then creating a blockage of energy flows in the chakras or energy centers. If that area is not getting the flow of vital life force energy it can shut down resulting in some form of bodily pain or tightness and manifestation of such chronic aches and pains. If you are experiencing this and have tried multiple treatments to resolve your symptoms and it hasn’t worked thus far you might want to try such a session with me.

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